Big Blow & Bow 2016 Big Blow & Bow 2016 Welcome to Mountain Collegium! Workshop Director Jody Miller greets the record breaking student body (nearly 80) 202233621 And fiddlers too! The first night Big Blow & Bow held in the Western Carolina U. Illusions Room where we banqueted 202233619 Ready to play! Viol players (and a few winds) anxious to begin on the opening night of Mountain Collegium 2016 202233620 Returning Faculty join Regulars! Wayne Hankin & Atossa Kramer with Lisle Kulbach ready to play 202233622 Psaltery Man! James Hantula with his two bows prepares to play his large instrument 202233623 First timer Kathy Schenley joins Mountain Collegium after many years participating/helping organize Viola da Gamba Society of America Conclave workshops! Welcome, Kathy! 202233624