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If you are applying for a scholarship (apply by filling out the Barry Moyer Workstudy application no later than August 15) and are awaiting a reply, do not pay at this time.

Workshop fee includes: tuition, Friday night dinner, Saturday light breakfast, Saturday lunch, Sunday light breakfast, coffee, tea.

You may choose to pay for the workshop by PayPal or by sending a check to the registrar (see below after calculating your total). As a convenience, you may choose to purchase a printed copy of the "Big Blow and Bow" music for $10, instead of printing it yourself. All participants who do not purchase the printed copy will be expected to bring their own copies in paper or electronic form. Music for other class sessions will be provided by the instructors.

If you need to contact Susan Schwartz, the Bloom registrar, you can reach her at bloom-registrar@mountaincollegium.org or 570-441-2774.

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$ 185: Bloom Early Music Workshop
$  10: Printed "Big Blow and Bow" Workshop Book (optional -- you may print it yourself or bring in electronic format)
$ Donation toward Bloom scholarship fund