Mountain Collegium's 2022 Virtual Workshop
June 16–June 19, 2022

Registration is now closed.

The 2021 online Mountain Collegium was such a success we've decided to keep an online format option in 2022.  This year you can attend Mountain Collegium in person, online, or BOTH!

We have quite a spectacular array of faculty offering diverse topics.  There will be offerings specific to recorder, viol, and folk music, but also plenty of topical classes that accomodate almost any early instrument and voice.  Check out the FACULTY to see who will be offering classes.

Workshop Schedule
Alternating "shorty" blocks (45 minutes) and "full" blocks (75 minutes) keep you engaged and able to stretch, snack, and move around between sessions.  We've worked to put together enough variety that we hope you'll forget you're experiencing the workshop through the internet.  See the WEEKLY SCHEDULE here, which lists topics offered each block.  Click here to check out CLASS DESCRIPTIONS.

Online Format
We'll host the online workshop through Zoom.  By now, most workshop participants have probably learned the ropes.  Don't worry, though!  We'll have an optional Zoom orientation for anyone who would like some guidance.  We're happy to help you feel more comfortable in the online workshop setting. 

You'll get your Zoom links for class login a few days ahead of the workshop.  You'll get links to download and print your class music and other materials a couple of weeks beforehand.

Workshop Fees
The Full Workshop Pass is the best bargain and it allows you to pick a class of your choice during each block.  You are free to take blocks off if you need a break.  Purchased separately, the classes total $335.  If you purchase a Full Workshop Pass, though, you pay $250.  That's a HUGE bargain!

If you prefer to take fewer classes, though, we have the a la carte option.  Shorty Blocks are 45 minutes long and are only $15 each.  Full Block classes are 75 minutes long and are $25 apiece.  If you choose 5-9 classes, you may apply a 10% discount; choosing 10 or more classes results in a 20% discount.

We welcome participants who have just gotten off the ground, too.  The Emerging Recorder classes are offered to enrich the experiences of recorder players who have just started learning to play in the past year or two, or for recorder players who have taken several years "off" and need a gentle re-introduction to the world of music making.  Four Emerging Recorder sessions are offered Saturday and feature renowned teachers Gwyn Roberts, Daphna Mor, Phil Hollar, and Jody Miller.  Taking these classes can help you "level-up" and gain the skills needed to keep up with the more experienced players—maybe even prepare you for the in-person Mountain Collegium that happens a week later!  Take all the Emerging Recorder classes for $80, or add one more class appropriate for everyone and you can then apply the 10% discount.  It's a bargain, either way!

Choosing Classes


Shorty Blocks are each 45 minutes long.  These are topics better suited to a slightly shorter class.  Shorty Blocks are $15 each if you choose your classes à la carte.

Full Afternoon/Morning/Evening Blocks are 75 minute classes.  A Full Block is $25 if you are choosing à la carte.  These are your traditional workshop classes.  There are 30-minute breaks between the Shorty and the following Full Block to give you plenty of time to move around between classes.

Class Levels and Instrumentation
Have you been in a workshop class where the levels of players weren't ideally matched?  The online experience allows teachers to teach at a reasonable pace and for each participant to take away what they need.  Since others can't hear you as you participate, there is no need to feel guilty if you do more listening than playing.  The teachers will teach at the level appropriate for the topic.  This format allows you to take classes that would typically be out of your comfort zone without the discomfort of others hearing you!

Emerging (nearly beginning) recorder players have classes that are specifically suited to you!  Whether you have just begun or you need to go back and fill in a few gaps in your playing skills, you have the opportunity to work with some of our most popular teachers.  Four sessions are offered Saturday, June 18, and are indicated with E on the list of Course Offerings.

More advanced players shouldn't be afraid to sign up for classes that target emerging or low intermediate players.  If the topic seems helpful to you, take it!

Instrumentation is also flexible for the same reasons.  Want to take a viol class, but you play brass or recorder?  Sign up!  Just know in advance the teacher will be teaching a topic for THOSE instruments and not yours.  Don't expect your viol teacher to have any hints for improving your rackett playing!

Cancellation Policy
If, for some reason, you need to cancel, we can issue a full refund for the affected classes through June 1.  Cancellations after June 1 are subject to a $25 cancellation fee.  Please contact us at if you need to amend your registration status.