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June 26–July 2, 2022

on the campus of Western Carolina University, Cullowhee, NC

Registration for the summer workshop at Western Carolina Univeristy is closed.  We look forward to an amazing week in the mountains!


See the faculty by visiting our  FACULTY PAGE.

Early music and folk music in a picturesque setting

What better way to make music than by spending a week with the Great Smoky Mountains as your backdrop? Western Carolina University provides comfortable accommodations and classrooms in an air-conditioned, non-smoking dorm. Double- occupancy and single-occupancy rooms are available. Meals offer a variety of options.

Mountain Collegium, an informal yet intensive workshop, offers study of Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque music, focusing on recorder, viol, voice, and other early instruments. Mountain Collegium offers plenty of options for early brass and capped reeds. Other featured classes include technique, improvisation, and a variety of consorts and repertoire. Participants may also choose classes in folk, Appalachian, Celtic, and contemporary music. Small classes and easy access to faculty create a friendly and relaxed learning experience.

Class offerings

Four class periods per day provide numerous options for recorder players, viol players, brass players, and singers. Loud band and opportunities to study early reeds, Appalachian dulcimer, harp, and other early and folk instruments give participants an eclectic musical experience that brings them back year after year. Instructors come to the workshop with a wide variety of specialties and backgrounds, providing for a workshop experience that is hard to beat! Free time allows for informal music making; evenings include group playing and English country dancing with a live (and lively!) band. An inspiring faculty concert and an informal student recital round out the week.

Click here for the class offerings.

Click here to see the class schedule for the week.

Emerging Recorder Player Classes

For recorder players who have just begun their study or for recorder players who feel they need a major refresher, our Emerging Recorder Players classes are designed to help you enjoy the workshop experience as much as others do.  You can take the Emerging Recorder classes each period or you can mix-and-match according to other interests as you wish.

Workshop Fees

• Tuition with a double room (roommate):  $1045

• Tuition with a single room (private):  $1125

• Add $20 if you would a linen package (basic blanket, sheets, pillow, towel, washcloth)

• Tuition if staying off-campus:  $675

If you will be bringing along a spouse, partner, or other roommate who will not be taking classes, we consider them a "non-participating roommate."  They will only be responsible for room and board. 

• Room/board for a non-participating roommate:  $420 (add $20 for linen package)

Workshop fees can be paid via credit card (using the PayPal service), via PayPal, or via check.  See the payment page for details.

Workshop participants and non-participating roommates will also need to pay a refundable $50 key deposit (cash or check) at the time of check-in.  If you choose to leave your deposit as a donation at the end of the workshop, the money is used to fund our workstudy program.

All but $25 of the workshop fees is refundable through June 1.  Refunds after June 1 are based on Mountain Collegium's ability to obtain refunds from Western Carolina University for any money we have pre-paid for room, board, and facilities.

Safety and Vaccination

Mountain Collegium will require full vaccination or comparable immunity for all participants and faculty.  Full vaccination is, at this time, a minimum of one booster beyond the initial vaccination regimen. We will be asking all to attest to their status at check-in. Participants will be provided with the option of wearing a visible indication that they want to maintain social distancing from others and would like for others to mask-up when engaging with them. Participants who are comfortable not wearing masks are requested to honor this choice and to carry a mask with them at all times. Masking is encouraged in enclosed common areas where social distancing is not practical. We are aware that wind players will be unmasked while playing and all participants will be unmasked while eating.  We thank you in advance for considering the health, safety, and comfort of all attendees. We will encourage  participants who are feeling ill during the workshop week to self-test and refrain from attending any group function. We will have a limited set of masks and test kits available on site.

How to Register

Unfortunately, registration is now closed.  If you missed this year's workshop, we hope you will be able to join us at Bloom or next summer's workshop.

Check-in is on Sunday afternoon, followed by orientation and a large group playing session. Classes begin on Monday morning and run through Friday afternoon. Checkout is on Saturday after breakfast.

Workstudy Assistance

A limited number of workstudy awards will be available.  Workstudy recipients will help keep the workshop running smoothly by helping set up classes and assist the instructors as needed. 

The American Recorder Society also accepts applications for workshop scholarships.  Visit the American Recorder Society HERE to learn more about these scholarships.

Continuing Education Credit

If you are interested in Continuing Education Credit, please contact Jody Miller at recorder96@gmail.com.  An extra fee for Continuing Education Credit will apply if offered by the University.